Mental Health Win! Cornell Adds Three More Counselors To Serve Population of 23,000

After years of complaints, it looks like Cornell may finally be listening to the student body. Today the university announced they will be adding not one, not even two, but THREE full-time counselors for Cornell’s 23,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students!

These aren’t just any counselors they’re hiring, either. All three counselors are incredibly well-qualified to work with students, each having either once been a student themself or having known other college students. Adriana, Jen, and Peter will have absolutely no problem handling each of a mere 2 dozen thousand students’ mental health concerns.

If you’re a student, get ready for your life to change. Students on the appointment waitlist, for example, are expected to see their average remaining three-month wait brought down by as much as six business days. Good luck finding something to complain about now!

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