This Is Just a List Containing the Words Okenshields and Bingalee Dingalee Because You Tasteless Fuckers Will Eat This Shit Up

People keep commenting about how we should “totally write an article about Okenshields or Bingalee Dingalee”, so you know what, here you go. This is the kind of least common denominator article you tasteless fuckers want. This is what you asked for.

  1. Okenshields

There it is. There’s the word that made your dumb ape brain click on this article because you instantly associate this shit with humor. Do you even know what humor is? Just saying a word multiple times isn’t a joke, yet you fuckers eat this shit up like birthday cake.

  1. Bingalee Dingalee

Hey look, I said the other one too. Are you happy now you humorless wastes of space? You fuckers won’t even read this anyways. You’re just gonna like and share this garbage so all your shitty tasteless friends will accept you and include you in the piece of shit cultural moment that this article is exploiting to no end.

  1. Okenshields and Bingalee Dingalee

I put ‘em right next to each other this time. Bet that you really threw your dumb ape brain for a loop now didn’t it? Do you like this, huh? Does it make you happy to see these words on this page in this order? Is this what you think is funny? Do you fuckers even know what funny is? 

  1. Bingalee Dingalee and Okenshields

Honestly I’m done. There’s no saving us. Soon everybody and their mothers will just be writing piece of shit articles like this one to get a slice of the pie and it’ll be because of all you fuckers who slapped your weak, humorless knees at low-effort lists like this one right here. Honestly, I don’t even know why I wrote all this shit underneath each item. It’s all a waste of time when I can just capitalize on a fucking WORD and get 500 likes or some other piece of shit form of external validation you fuckers give that encourages garbage like this. Comedy is fucking dead and it’s because of you tasteless pieces of shit.

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