Quiz: Can The Guy from Tinder Really Help You With Your Homework?

So you’ve matched with this guy from Tinder, and wouldn’t you know, it turns out you’re both taking the same Bio course this semester! After engaging in the classic conversation starters and mentioning the prelim you bombed, he offers to help and tutor you. It seems like your lucky day that this “IVY League//STUDENT Athlete” has offered his assistance in Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins and Metabolisms.

Yet, you begin to wonder: Is it too good to be true? Is Bradley the Animal Science major from Utah for real? Or could the six-foot football linebacker possibly have ulterior motives? These questions are a lot to process, but never fear: this quiz is here to help.

1. How attractive is he?


2. What opener did he use on you?


3. What’s the most interesting pic in his profile?


4. Where does he normally sit in the lecture hall?


5. What’s his iClicker strategy?


6. What kind of music is in his profile?


7. You just gave him your number. What’s the first picture he sends you?


8. Where does he want to hold the study date?


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