Out of Touch With Student Needs? I Said Hi to Martha Pollack And She Didn’t Say Hi Back

I don’t know about you, but I think that given today’s on-campus climate, students need support more than ever. I expect school officials to bend over backwards to let students know they’re on our side. That’s why I was profoundly disappointed yesterday when I greeted Martha Pollack on the sidewalk and she… well, she didn’t say hi back.

I mean, completely fucking snubbed me! Justifiably, I’m outraged. I understand that to the University President, I must be just a lowly freshman, but I deserve a measure of respect from someone who supposedly has my best interest in mind.

Now, I realize that she will try to sweep my story under the rug by claiming she didn’t see me waving from across the street or couldn’t hear me because she was on the phone, but frankly I find these to be wholly unsatisfactory excuses for withholding the decency I deserve.

Just another example of the holier-than-thou administration flagrantly ignoring student needs and making no effort to create a welcoming campus environment. Shame on you, Martha—shame on you.


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