Check Out These Classes You Can Only Pre-Enroll For On The Dark Web

Fall 2017 class roster too peachy for you? Check out these classes that offer a more realist educational experience to better prepare you for the crummy world out there.

GOVT 1830: Intro to Sex Scandal Relations
AEM 1200: Using Cocaine to Optimize Day-Trading
RUSSA 1340: Mail-Order Brides
MUSIC 1390: Encoding Satanic Messages in Your Records
MAE 2520: Intro to Cutting Your Ex-Wife’s Brakes
AEM 2230: Money Laundering Through BRB’s
CHEM 5720: Intro to Meth [Pre-req(s): CHEM/PHIL 4410: Gateway Drugs]
PE 1400: Advanced Stabbing
GOVT 3230: War Profiteering
BIO 1280: Intro to Organ Harvesting (Lab Required)
ECON 3740: Arguments For Capitalism
LAW 4320: How Much You Can Hurt Someone Before It’s “Illegal”
CHIN 1870: Cantonese For Gambling
ILR 3030: Start-ups in False Passport Manufacturing
LAW 5720: How to Settle Out of Court
PLBRG 4420: Comparative Physiology of Blazing Up
VISST 2740: This Acid Is Way Too Fucking Strong
PMA 4780: Pirated Film Analysis
RELST 1320: Creating the Next Jonestown
GOVT 5940: Tax Evasion
CHEME 6480: Oil Spill Management
VETCS 2080: Intro to Dogfighting
FASD 1450: Dressing Corpses: How to Earn Your Moniker
ECON 3830: Staging Your First Heist
ENTOM 4200: Poisonous Spiders For Your Enemies
VIEN 3710: Bathtub Wines
PSYCH 3930: How to Be a Bystander
ARCH 4660: Building the Perfect Drug Warehouse
FASD 3180: Introduction to Trenchcoats
LAW 2450: Grab N’ Go: Exploiting English Language For Thievery

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